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tour shaft
Established in 1995, China Sujie Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional tour shaft manufacturer, sale and research of auto parts and vehicle components. It has years of OES and OEM tour shafts production experiences and passed ISO9000 and the TUV certification of ISO/TS16949 quality system. we can provide our customers with high quality auto parts and qualified vehicle components for many kinds of cars such as Ford, Opel, Benz, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia and Truck series.
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tour shaft
01. These Fujikura shafts are Tour performers. Every week on the PGA Tour you will find a wide range of Fujikura shafts in play. Vista Tour Series 60-Low Torque, High bend point, Ultralite designed for better players with average swing tempo. This shaft has an orange color scheme; a red version that is 48 inches in length is the official shaft of the Long Drivers of America and available only to LDA members.The large "multi-functional" sole is beveled at the back to make it perform like a much thinner sole, which increases playability from a variety of lies. This "multi-functional" sole is critical to promoting a performance difference that helps separate the Tour Burner from other irons of its type. The multi-functional sole also features a low and deeper center of gravity that makes it easy to launch the ball on a powerful and penetrating flight. taylormade. Tour Burner irons feature a variety of technologies that allow them to live up to the Burner family reputation for speed and distance, starting with an ultra-thin, 2.2 millimeter clubface that delivers high COR for increased ball speed and distance.

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02. Extra-stiff Flex. 3.1 Torque. Mid Kick. 69 grams. 335 tip / 46 inches
This is the original Harmon Tour Design Counter-Balanced series shaft. Encourages a natural "draw bias". Designed for golfers with aggressive, high-speed swings, Graphite Design International's Tour AD Throttle is a premium shaft geared to produce a lower, more penetrating ball flight with less spin. The shaft, with a raw length of 47 inches, has a stiff tip, high bend point and low torque. It is available in four flexes: Turbo Charged (regular), Super Charged (stiff), Nitrous Charged (extra stiff) and Methane Charged (double X). The first three flexes weigh in at 70 grams; the double-X is 74 grams. The Tour AD Throttle incorporates GDI's "Axial Composite Interlace" (ACI) technology, which weaves composite fibers and is placed at key power points in the shaft for enhanced feedback.


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