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rifle shaft
Established in 1995, China Sujie Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional rifle shaft manufacturer, sale and research of auto parts and vehicle components. It has years of OES and OEM rifle shafts production experiences and passed ISO9000 and the TUV certification of ISO/TS16949 quality system. we can provide our customers with high quality auto parts and qualified vehicle components for many kinds of cars such as Ford, Opel, Benz, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia and Truck series.
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rifle shaft
01. Precision RIFLE SPINNER WEDGE Developed on the PGA Tour for Rifle players wanting a softer feel in their scoring wedges (sand, lob and gap wedges). This softer feel is especially beneficial on less-than-full shots that require more touch than force. The Spinner design construction simulates the late release' with the wedge that is the key to enhanced backspin. Bend Point: High. There are many different types of vibrations that occur when a putt is struck. Some of these vibrations are always there, but dont provide the player any useful feedback about the putt. Like tuning-out the static noise on a radio, the Frequency Filtered Shaft filters out these "static noise" vibrations, leaving only vibrations that provide feedback about how the putt was struck. The new Frequency Filtered Putter Shaft is designed to transmit the desirable characteristics and attenuate or filter the undesirable characteristics. Thus, the shaft's vibration characteristics have been specifically engineered to maximize good vibration feedback while minimizing bad vibrations.

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rifle shafts
02. PR-24NX. Foam handle with black Epoxy reinforced with aluminum body and nylon shaft. Overall length of 24 in. and 14 in. closed with a diameter of 1.25 in. Has a positive lock locking method. Weighs 30 ozs. Lightweight, yet stable, the Proforce 65 Lady graphite shafts provide the remarkable shot accuracy and distance you've come to expect from Proforce shafts. Designed for women golfers wanting a lightweight shaft with the great playing characteristics of a Proforce shaft. The low kickpoint of the Proforce Lady is designed to fit the smooth tempo and performance needs of today's lady golfers. The lightweight shafts will provide today's Lady golfers with a wood shaft designed to fit their swing and performance needs, giving you a High Launch off the tee. Bend Point: Mid. The resulting shaft product is not a mere damper that eradicates vibration. Highly dampened putter heads C either by face materials or shaft composites C are often numb, and do not allow the golfer to interpret the quality of ball impact.


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