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performance tyre
Established in 1995, China Sujie Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional performance tyre manufacturer, sale and research of auto parts and vehicle components. It has years of OES and OEM performance tyres production experiences and passed ISO9000 and the TUV certification of ISO/TS16949 quality system. we can provide our customers with high quality auto parts and qualified vehicle components for many kinds of cars such as Ford, Opel, Benz, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia and Truck series.
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performance tyre
01. Very cheap but made in Japan so they must be good I thought. First impressions are bad. Ugly compared to previous soft Dunlop Sport that look "cool". Traction very good but cornering grip for the first 400 miles are terrible but fun around UK roundabouts. After 500 miles the tyre is fantastic and well suited to wet UK roads. They seem to be wareing very slowly and I find hard to believe. I suspect there are two types of tyre, one that is soft and grippy the other hard and nasty, while the FK452 must be a rare medium compound ideal for spirited road driving but softer brand names should set faster lap times on the track. Only can compare to the relatively worn P-Zero's that were on before, but so far a thumbs up. Had them on the rears for around 700 miles. A much more progressive break-away in the wet and dry and now able to use WOT in the wet in 2nd with no wheel spin in a straight line. Going to get them on the fronts next. One negative, experienced an cyclical motion on a gentle uphill curve at ~110 leptons. I put it down to overly tall treadblocks moving around as the tyre is new rather than soft sidewalls as it is gradually reducing and now pretty much gone.

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performance tyres
02. All Season Grip - original equipment on many of the worlds most popular 4x4's and an ideal replacement for any modern 4x4
Durability - gives and smooth ride and excellent mileage and good value for money. Versatility - a 90% on-road tyre that will still give good off-road performance. Tread Design - gives excellent dry and wet/snow traction. JAXQuickfit Tyres stock a large range of Falken Tyres catering for vehicles of all sizes ranging from small cars through to trade vehicles and 4WDĄŻs. Buy from JAXQuickfit and take advantage of our fantastic special offers. FALKEN comes from German. That is, 'falken' is the German word for the bird species we refer to as 'falcon' in English. The name was selected from many ideas and suggestions given by employees. The Falken brand has succeeded in the production of the highest quality tyres for all types of vehicles. These include High performance Vehicles, Passenger, SUV, Recreational Vehicles, as well as Light Truck, Heavy Truck and Bus tyres. FalkenĄŻs flag ship tyre is their popular FK452 delivering excellent performance levels at affordable prices.


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