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engine gearbox
Established in 1995, China Sujie Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional engine gearbox manufacturer, sale and research of auto parts and vehicle components. It has years of OES and OEM engine gearboxes production experiences and passed ISO9000 and the TUV certification of ISO/TS16949 quality system. we can provide our customers with high quality auto parts and qualified vehicle components for many kinds of cars such as Ford, Opel, Benz, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia and Truck series.
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engine gearbox
01. Doug Hele first had the idea for a triple when he was working for Norton. But they were not in a financial position to proceed with such a project. So Norton's loss was Triumph's gain when Hele joined the latter. Despite being designed at the Triumph factory; at Meriden, the engines were built at BSA's Small Heath factory. BSA used the engine for its own Rocket 3 motorcycle. This had the cylinder block canted forward at a slight angle. The Amal Concentric carburettors were actually 26mm units - but bored out to the required 27mm. A five speed gearbox was an option for 1971. The following year it came as standard. An electric starter was only fitted on the T160 model, launched at the end of 1974. type ~ air-cooled ohv triple
power output ~ 58bhp @ 7250rpm. capacity ~ 740cc. bore x stroke ~ 67 x 70mm. compression ratio ~ 9.5:1. lubrication ~ dry sump. carburettors ~ 3 x 27mm Amal Concentrics. primary/final drive ~ chain/chain. clutch/gearbox ~ dry single plate/four speed. electrics ~ 12 volts. ignition ~ coil

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engine gearboxes
02. Car modifiers use predominantly RWD (rear wheel drive) cars as they are regarded more as ˇ®drivers' cars and allow a greater flexibility in design modification. Many will not understand the need to modify cars at all. This is something that has always happened from the start of motoring. A lot of revered marques such as MG and Bentley, evolved from the pastime of building ˇ®specials'. During the late ˇ®50's the hobby evolved into placing bodies made from glass fibre onto readily available Ford Popular chassis. From these humble beginnings came the fledgling kit car industry and more revered marques such as Lotus and TVR. In short, this practice has allowed many great engineers and designers to develop hands on experience that has benefited car safety and industry in general. We understand the concerns raised over safety and can see why, on first uninformed glance, that these vehicles may appear dangerous. Huge engines placed into bodies designed for a miniscule power output. However, all is not as it would first appear and great steps are taken to ensure the strength, and safety of the components used.


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